Co-mediation implements a team of two mediators, instead of one, in order to assist those in conflict.

A duo of trained professionals can provide more attention to each individual than one alone. As a result, the participants may experience a greater feeling of being heard. Further, a participant is more likely to develop trust with the mediators.

Two mediators working together are able to draw from their pooled experience and help the parties develop more options.  A team also fosters the conversation from multiple perspectives, enabling the development of communication.

Another benefit is a balanced approach to family situations.   In parenting and divorce mediations, participants are made more comfortable by the presence of mediators of both genders.  When this is possible, it alleviates concerns that the mediation process will favor one party over another.

With co-mediation, the mediators demonstrate effective problem solving and communication skills for the participants in the midst of challenging conversations as well.

Our co-mediator approach gives all of these benefits to our participants, providing the support needed to change their conflict into opportunity for a better future. We are unique in offering this mediation approach in our community.

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